Click on my live jazz band sound clips below

  • SO Trio - ‘In A Mellow Tone’   [sc_embed_player fileurl="/music/1. SO3 In A Mellow Tone.mp3"]
  • SO Trio - ‘Brigas Nunca Mais’   [sc_embed_player fileurl="/music/2. SO3 Brigas Nunca Mais.mp3"]
  • SO Quartet - ‘Straighten Up & Fly Right’   [sc_embed_player fileurl="/music/3. SO4 Straighten Up & Fly Right.mp3"]
  • SO Quartet - ‘Honeysuckle Rose’   [sc_embed_player fileurl="/music/4. SO4 Honeysuckle Rose.mp3"]
  • Johnny Hepbir Quartet - ‘After You've Gone’   [sc_embed_player fileurl="/music/5. JH4 After Youve Gone.mp3"]
  • Three Little Birds - ‘Till There Was You’   [sc_embed_player fileurl="/music/6. 3LB Till There Was You.mp3"]
  • Sara Oschlag - ‘The Night Has A Thousand Eyes’   [sc_embed_player fileurl="/music/7. Sara Oschlag The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.mp3"]


Click on my live jazz band video links below on youtube

  • SO Trio - Showreel Live recording, showcasing our repertoire and arrangements.
  • SO Quartet – ‘Let there be Love’ Recorded at The Verdict Jazz Club, a great song for a first dance!
  • Rockin’ In Rhythm – ‘At Last’ Recorded at The Verdict Jazz Club, a classic jazz tune with a beautiful horn arrangement.
  • Jonny Hepbir Quartet - ‘Take the A-Train’ Recorded in the studio - Fantastic jazz arrangement. Nice and up-beat number.
  • Jonny Hepbir Quartet - ‘Live medley’ A live jazz recording. A medley of some great numbers.
  • Three Little Birds - ‘But Not For Me’ Recorded during “Live Jazz Livingroom” Original arrangement of a well-known jazz tune.